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We’ve been talking with Charlie and Mike about their time in the military, their guns, and their transition back to college life since early February. Today we’re excited to bring you ‘Outside the Wire’, an interactive web story about a pair of engaged Marines that go to UMass.

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Check out this amazing short film from recent Middlebury grad Bianca Giaever: The Scared is Scared. She asked a 6-year-old what her movie should be about and he told her this beautiful story, and incidentally made a few profound statements about growing up.

Switchboard Presents: We spent a day with the guys from UMass Waste Management to try and see what’s involved in cleaning up after 30,000 people. There’s lots of leg work, and lots of trips to the incinerator.

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While most Five College students were sleeping or celebrating with their families, Switchboard’s Cat Guzman spent Easter morning wandering around and taking photographs at the annual Hampshire College Easter Keg hunt.

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UPDATE - Mt. Holyoke did not withdraw from 5 Colleges, it is April Fools’ Day. Sorry.

We re-scheduled our planned story for today because we woke up to an unbelievable local news story. In a press conference early this morning Mt. Holyoke president Lynn Pasqerella announced that her school would be withdrawing from the 5 college consortium.

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Switchboard Presents: Last fall a pair of UMass students founded the Northampton Exercise Club for the Homeless, a group that spends one day a week exercising with people from the local homeless community. We spent a month shadowing the group and quickly realized that this is about so much more than calisthenics.

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He constantly tells my son what his mother is doing is wrong and that I am going to hell, and that if he supports me, then so is he! So basically he’s telling him that if he loves his mother, he’s going to hell?
Ty Power is transgender and a practicing Muslim. Read his story here, in the final installment of Noor Anwar’s profile of Muslims in Pioneer Valley.

We’ve got a special treat to jump start the first day back from Spring Break. Here’s part two of our profile of Valley band Who’da Funk It? - a special video performance, just for you.  

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We had lots of Spring Break ideas, but ultimately all knew what was best.
We’ll see you guys in a week!
Leave a message if you need us!

We had lots of Spring Break ideas, but ultimately all knew what was best.

We’ll see you guys in a week!

Leave a message if you need us!