Switchboard is a new web-based culture magazine for the 5 College community and Pioneer Valley.

Switchboard is the product of Hampshire College students Duncan Sullivan and Remy Schwartz's senior thesis projects.

Our staff writes about what's happening in our area and our lives. We're about multiple perspectives and local voices. Switchboard is by the Valley, for the Valley.

We're currently staffed by a small group of 5 College writers, editors, and media-makers. We welcome anyone interested in joining our team or contributing in anyway to reach out to us at everything@switchboardmag.com.
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Switchboard’s Brian Canova spent last week shadowing the leaders of UMass’ ‘Week of Action Against Rape Culture’. Here’s a beautiful photo essay of the the things he saw throughout that time. 

We’re excited to debut this piece on our newly designed photo gallery, all thanks to our brilliant web developer Keenan.

Check out the essay and the new site

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